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The Midland County Road Commission was organized in the early 1930's.  Our purpose is to maintain the traveled portion of the roadway for safe travel.

The BOARD OF COUNTY ROAD COMMISSIONERS, of the County of Midland, consists of three members:

Janice Leatherman Sagle, Chairman

Donald Terwillegar, Vice Chairman

Michael Atton, Member

The BOARD OF COUNTY ROAD COMMISSIONERS are appointed by the County Board of Commissioners, serving a term of six years.

In 1995 the Midland County Road Commission moved its headquarters from the City of Midland to the Village of Sanford.  Sanford is more centrally located for the residents of the County of Midland.

Policies and Procedures

Routine Maintenance is the routine work and materials required to keep the road, roadbed, surface and drainage in good repair, prevent damage by water or wind, provide for safe and convenient travel by keeping signs, signals and pavement marking in good condition, and by snow and ice removal, and cleaning of the road or street surface.

Heavy Maintenance is the improving of an existing road or street by correcting grades, drainage structures, width, alignment, surface, and the hard surfacing of gravel roads. It is the rebuilding of existing bridges, the repair of such structures by strengthening, and the replacement of piers and abutments.  On local heavy maintenance roads, the township participates in the costs for improvements.

Winter Maintenance is to remove snow and ice from the roadway.  The procedure of this road commission is to clear snow and ice first from the state truckline, second from the primary road system and thirdly from the local road system, exception only being for an emergency situation.

Weight Restrictions are strictly enforced during the spring to prevent road damage and breakup to the surface. View current weight restrictions information

Mailboxes will be replaced by a standard mailbox if hit by the road commission equipment but if the mailbox is hit with snow, ice, etc., the road commission will not assume responsibility for the mailbox.

Maintenance of Private Roads - It is illegal to spend public funds on private roads.  The road commission by statute is prohibited to work on same, unless proper provisions are followed to comply with the law which allows residents on private roads to work through their township whereby property owners pay for the maintenance and/or improvements assuming their particular road complies with certain conditions of the law.

Public Right-of Ways in Midland County are not maintained as public roads.  The Midland County Road Commission maintains certified roads.  To make a road certified the road commission has developed "Plat and Street Regulations". Copies are available for download (834 Kb) or at the office.

Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Requests - The Road Commission FOIA Policy is currently being reviewed to comply with State Law.  Copies of procedures are available in our office and will soon be posted on this website.  All road commission FOIA requests should be submitted to: Midland County Road Commission, 2334 North Meridian Road, Sanford, MI 48657.


    Midland County Certified Roads:

            109 miles of State Highways

            288.08 miles of Primary Roads

            583.91 miles of Local Roads

            77 Bridges (over 20' Length)


    The Road Commission is funded by:

                    Gas and Weight taxes

                    County Wide Millages

                    Township Contributions

    Special State and Federal Funds (when available)    

More Information

For more information on County Road Commissions within the state of Michigan - please refer to the County Road Association of Michigan (CRA) Website: http://www.micountyroads.org

For more information please call the office at (989) 687-9060.


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