Staff Directory


Position Title Staff Member Email Office Phone
Managing Director / Engineer Jonathan Myers, P.E. Email Jon 989-687-9060
Superintendent Art Buck Email Art 989-687-9060
Finance Director Donna Lowe Email Donna 989-687-9060
Payroll Clerk Michelle Rogers Email Michelle 989-687-9060
Director of Engineering Russell Inman Email Russ 989-687-9060
GIS Coordinator Ashley Hiles Email Ashley 989-687-9060
Design Engineer Travis Havercamp Email Travis 989-687-9060
Construction Technician Jeff Brown Email Jeff 989-687-9060
Fleet & Facilities Manager Steve Youngs Email Steve 989-687-9385
Road Foreman Kevin Mudd Email Kevin 989-687-9060
Road Foreman Joel Noyes Email Joel 989-687-9060

Mission Statement: It is our mission to provide safe and reliable roads and bridges for the traveling public using fiscal responsibility together with our expertise and innovation in planning, design, construction, and maintenance.


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